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Pandora Jewellery

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Pandora 18th Birthday Dangle(7OSTKk)
CAD45.55  CAD22.30
Save: 51% off
Pandora 21st Birthday Dangle(tpNm0c)
CAD45.99  CAD22.81
Save: 50% off
Pandora All Star Set(HjsQLp)
CAD170.39  CAD72.02
Save: 58% off

Pandora Apple Of My Eye with 14K Charm(r7mukV)
CAD56.43  CAD25.54
Save: 55% off

Pandora Baseball Charm(cTIECT)
CAD56.73  CAD27.16
Save: 52% off
Pandora Basketball Charm(fFiYL0)
CAD49.96  CAD23.75
Save: 52% off
Pandora Best Friends Forever Set(zhrTi4)
CAD110.46  CAD43.83
Save: 60% off

Pandora Best Friends Scroll Charm (2aub0z)
CAD45.76  CAD21.79
Save: 52% off
Pandora Cheer Queen Bracelet(D8IVsv)
CAD242.10  CAD96.03
Save: 60% off
Pandora Cheerleader Charm(V1xCTl)
CAD42.58  CAD21.01
Save: 51% off
Pandora Cupcake Charm(uTubCA)
CAD57.68  CAD26.11
Save: 55% off

Pandora Football Charm(WACI9w)
CAD37.25  CAD19.20
Save: 48% off
Pandora Football Helmet Charm(N34qy9)
CAD75.40  CAD29.48
Save: 61% off
Pandora Go Team Set(aPE5Dc)
CAD182.08  CAD72.50
Save: 60% off