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Pandora Jewellery

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Letters & Numbers

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Pandora 18th Birthday Dangle(K3teLr)
CAD44.23  CAD21.53
Save: 51% off
Pandora 18th Birthday Milestone Charm(nIkQ3x)
CAD29.42  CAD15.50
Save: 47% off
Pandora 21st Birthday Dangle(6j2yKT)
CAD41.28  CAD20.30
Save: 51% off
Pandora 21st Birthday Milestone Charm(RxHjEs)
CAD27.41  CAD14.30
Save: 48% off

Pandora Ampersand with Clear CZ Pendant(PdZNpI)
CAD42.00  CAD20.00
Save: 52% off
Pandora Letter A with Clear CZ Pendant(D1n96G)
CAD44.07  CAD21.06
Save: 52% off

Pandora Letter B with Clear CZ Pendant(4RpdsA)
CAD46.57  CAD22.08
Save: 53% off
Pandora Letter C with Clear CZ Pendant(fcsU4y)
CAD45.21  CAD21.57
Save: 52% off
Pandora Letter D with Clear CZ Pendant(eAotar)
CAD46.18  CAD22.31
Save: 52% off
Pandora Letter E with Clear CZ Pendant(5e6MeI)
CAD42.25  CAD19.91
Save: 53% off

Pandora Letter F with Clear CZ Pendant(BVH4dm)
CAD45.51  CAD21.94
Save: 52% off
Pandora Letter G with Clear CZ Pendant(1yZdco)
CAD42.86  CAD21.39
Save: 50% off
Pandora Letter H with Clear CZ Pendant(JnjEMz)
CAD45.51  CAD22.09
Save: 51% off
Pandora Letter I with Clear CZ Pendant(BHxfho)
CAD45.54  CAD21.78
Save: 52% off

Pandora Letter J with Clear CZ Pendant(f7z9sC)
CAD41.27  CAD20.47
Save: 50% off
Pandora Letter K with Clear CZ Pendant(RNo7ft)
CAD43.07  CAD21.28
Save: 51% off
Pandora Letter L with Clear CZ Pendant(m5q2RN)
CAD46.27  CAD22.46
Save: 51% off
Pandora Letter M with Clear CZ Pendant(YlwHtw)
CAD44.42  CAD21.98
Save: 51% off